Girls Show Strong Favor in Pokémon Trainer Cosplay

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Published: 04th May 2011
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Pokémon Trainer Cosplay leads a stupendous popularity among the girls since the theme of the pokemon appears. Pokémon is a media franchise, shorts for pocket monster, which has been adopted into video games, anime, manga, books, trading cards, toys and other media. Meanwhile, "Pokémon" refers to the 649 fictional species that have made appearances in Pokémon media. Pokémon originates from the pastime of insect collecting in Japan.

Player of the game is called the Pokemon Trainer, generally, there are two goals for such Trainer, one is to complete the Pokédex by collecting all of the Pokémon creatures found in the fictional region where that game starts, and another is to train a group of powerful Pokémon to compete against other Trainers’ groups, and finally become the strongest Trainer, namely, the Pokémon Master. People with at least one Pokémon creature can be considered a Pokémon Trainer. When a Trainer meets a wild pokemon, if he or she could capture it by the Poke Ball, that is to say the pokemon can’t escape the Ball; it is regarded as to be under the ownership of that Trainer. And then, it will abide by its new master’s commands. Pokémon already owned by other Trainers cannot be captured, except particular case.

Trainers can send out any of their Pokémon to battle against other Pokémon and constantly increase his or her collection of species. Any Trainer who wins the last battle becomes the new champion and gains the title of Pokémon Master. And all these video games, anime and manga series, the Pokémon Trading Card Game are based on these themes of collecting, training and battling.

In terms of the female characters in the Pokemon versions, there are several Trainers in the anime series in a manner of speaking. One is Misty, the heroine of the Pocket Monsters, the youngest of the Gym Leader sisters from Cerulean City. Then

Misty Pokémon cosplay
wins a particularly large number of devotees in cosplay sphere by the allure of her charisma in characteristic and appearance. Female cosplayers take extreme concentration and focus on Misty cosplay costumes, these imitators could fulfill their deep passion and personal quality to the fullest by cosplaying her.

When referring to Misty outfits, most of us would like to get a cheap cosplay costumes while with high quality. And by means of online stores, we usually could find high quality Misty Pokémon costumes at cheap price. For this reason, girls, take an action now and start your wonderful Misty cosplay journey.

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